Monday — December 16th, 2013


I’m in the process of reuploading the whole comic archive over at

In the meantime you can follow me over at youtube , phlebologist i’m a youtube animator now and on Twitter & Tumblr

Lot’s of behind the scene stuff happening, voice actors/tress founds episodes started, 2014 will be busier than the past 2 years been



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This is easily my favorite Mélissa moment in the comic so far


Yes, noun Mélissa can fly, web the ability been dispalyed once i nthe comic before but due to my lackluster skills at the time it didin’t came off very clear


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Vuxaza chest armor is just some magic vase used as armor


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Here’s a little something to make it official.

This here was a short story i made for the anniversary issue of Furlough back in 2009, cheapest since i’m still learning the rope for the flash thing, i thought this would help you hold on;)

You might notice Domino costume looking different, this is because those cloths were created back in 2005-2007, changes were made to it from then to 2009, and some more from then to now.
Vuxaza gender is something i still haven’t made my mind about, so i guess i will leave it as that. Vuxaza is a dragon and a necromencer, and is somewhat of an artefact hunter

This was also my first attempt to give some meaning to the title of the comic, i intended to have the group being called on as -Fortissima *insert adjective* Treasure Hunters- but so far this is the only place i made use of it :P

This has 8 parts i’m thinking of maybe updating it once or twice a week, what do you think?

Word balloons won!

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Here’s a little something to make it official.

Wordbubbles or Subtitles?(with exemple)

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Here’s a little something to make it official.

Vote is over wordbubbles won!

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Progress on the next opus advance and i’m wondering more and more if i should do subtitles instead of Wordbubbles, pharm i could do them like caption box like a rpg game or just t the bottom with an outline like for dvd-anime subtitles, information pills it wouldn’t be disorienting since when characters talk you see their mouth move and i make them talk one at a time, refractionist it would also enable me to have a language option right at the beginning of the episode, removing the need to have a whole website dedicated to the french version. Word bubbles would be like usual,except they would pop here and there.
I’m asking you since in the end, you’re the ones who will be reading and personally i can go either way
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I heard of brooms

Lindy illustrated by the master of awesomeness Hallogreen

#367-No dark conspiracy or anything

Since i learned to make shiny coloring i must hold back the impulse to make everything shiny D:

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