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I heard of brooms

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Lindy illustrated by the master of awesomeness Hallogreen


Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

[embeded: src="" width="550" height="400" ]
Here’s a little something to make it official.

This here was a short story i made for the anniversary issue of Furlough back in 2009, cheapest since i’m still learning the rope for the flash thing, i thought this would help you hold on;)

You might notice Domino costume looking different, this is because those cloths were created back in 2005-2007, changes were made to it from then to 2009, and some more from then to now.
Vuxaza gender is something i still haven’t made my mind about, so i guess i will leave it as that. Vuxaza is a dragon and a necromencer, and is somewhat of an artefact hunter

This was also my first attempt to give some meaning to the title of the comic, i intended to have the group being called on as -Fortissima *insert adjective* Treasure Hunters- but so far this is the only place i made use of it :P

This has 8 parts i’m thinking of maybe updating it once or twice a week, what do you think?