#361-She’s gaining on us!

I can’t see clearly anymore, prosthesis i’m going to bed, pathopsychology if there’s mistakes i’m correcting them when i wake-up XD

For those curious, yes, Salsola DID spent 2 days in a cat-demon stomach ,but it was in a page back in 2005 so i’m giving you a break and providing you the link, 2005, wow, it was time i picked-up the pace .An added note i just realised, this happened 100 pages ago, funny coincidence
She also seldomly appeared in the background of the comics following that in some of the city’s crowd shots, but you will have to find them yourself :B

For the curious, here’s the full names of our witch-apprentices trio:
Ipeca Cuanha
Risette Suzaor
Salsola Tragus

As per usual,i used real words for the names, Risette being a french word(Suzaor being a typos for a word i forgot) and the other two being the genus name of 2 different plants, i leave it up to you to go the extra lengh to find what they’re commonly called :U
This is the first all digital page that don’t make me want to hang myself in shame.

Some of you may consider that that timejumping like this without filling the blank immediatly is a big copout and you are PERFECTLY right, viagra approved this is a cheap way to get thing going but this whole dungeon thing, angina this WHOLE chapter, lasted for 5 years while it was meant to be a simple filler. The dungeon part itself stretched over 4 years, so here is Melissa active in a page, for the first time in 4 years :P

BIG surprise, actual backgrounds! The one silverlining for the huge delaying of them getting out of that dungeon is that in the meantime i went back to school and learned 3d and years later got a pc able to handle doing 3d, which is going to be GREAT for what i have in store for the comic.
It’s a little noticeable right now but the backgrounds are 3d, retouched 3d because i still have to test the technology to find the best compromise for the comic, and it enable me to make crazy background angles that i could only dream of before.
I got the whole city modelised in 3d and i got LOTS and LOTS of crazy over the top action planned (hint: remember that Bumfulopus brain is now housed in a giant franken-potatoe-sac body and i got a whole city modelised ready for use C: ).

So yeah, expect things to go crazy soon, mindless video-game like action crazy, i got years of frustration of not doing what i want with the comic and now i let it lose :U

I’d also go and advertise the fact that i’m giving the update dates but over the past years when i did i only managed to keep them for a month, so i prefer not promise before i proved i can follow them for a couple of months, but do keep an eye on the progression box.

So,hmmm, i’m sure i’m forgeting some stuff i wanted to rant about with this page, hmmm…new cloths for Domino, not so new for me since i had them planned since 2006, it’s like the banner, i’m overdue to change it, the character in it has yet to appear(might take a year or 2). Melissa on the other hand had her’s planned at the beginning of 2009, for a short printed story i did for RadioComix (which i will use as filler when this chapter end) and you already saw it in those mini animations i started doing a couple of weeks ago. Silver….he’s going to change soon enough, but for the time being he will hold on Domino’s camisol until i decide on something for him.
Anyway, see you in 11 days for a double size special update :D


  1. Dragonaur

    Wahoo! An update. Yes, it has been a long time in that dungeon. I’m glad to see they’re out and about at last!


  2. Sakro

    It has been a long time since an update. Hope to see more and argh. /jealous
    The curving distance makes me so, my perspective drawing is so blech xD. So since you’ve got a whole city model going it should be pretty easy to structure, color and shade, then add the characters, so I’m thinking you’ll have some relatively easy updates that’ll look great.


    Remi.P Reply:

    Except if i go too ambitious with them and can’t pull them off XD


  3. The Enemy

    Keep up the good work, you have more fans than you know :3


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