#314-Don’t cry my pretties…

I switched from Photoshop cs5 to Paintsai and scrapped the old version of this page for this. I’m one step closer to my dreams of rainbow’s diareha type coloring :o
Girafe necks, click GIRAFE NECKS! They all have girafe necks, i got Clamp, gotta correct that in the next page XP

Last minute thanks to Amber from DMFA for the proofread

Here’s the first version, pre Paintsai switch

I’m not a fan of cut and pasting but it fitted the joke. You got 15 panels here, epidemic i think it’s my new record! I even made the page longer to accomodate it


  1. alesha mckinney

    comics #18-219 and comics #222-248 are missing from your archives and i don’t how bad the art is i sill want to read them


  2. Blade


    This one turned out quite amusing Remi


  3. Scott

    Zinnman is still one of my favorites


  4. alesha mckinney

    have you forgoten us?!?!


  5. AC

    I think you forgot the skin tone in one of the smaller panels down to the left. I recently went through the whole archive again. Great fun, and a nice refresher what’s actually happening, and why…


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