#302-Do you have it in marine?

Cameo wise there’s Totoro from the Ghibli film my neighbour Totoro and the lil orange guy is Tail from Sega’s Sonic
Special page! Because it’s the first with Nebel true human form…which is also an excuse to change her design, anabolics since the old one was pretty generic, plus i eventually realised it was silly having a queen from a desertic landto¬† be pale as snow.
Did page been done in a way to poke fun at those who keep saying that Oliver’s shape look phallic…

Well, sildenafil in this page…IT’S ON PURPOSE! “:P

Anyway, squids look phallic on their own, i didin’t create the specie

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  1. Dave

    Now I want to see Abel’s Great Escape. Or maybe Abel’s Mediocre, Quite Eventless And Actually Rather Boring Escape. Of Snark.


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